Dial Timer


Task and Calendar export

Q: I don’t see any task propositions in Dial.

A: There are two possible reasons

  1. Calendar / Reminder access is not granted. You can grant them in Preferences.
  2. You don’t have calendar events today / reminders in one week.

Q: My finished task is not exported to Calendar

A: Check in Preferences whether there is a calendar is created for the export of tasks.

Q: I use Google Agenda, how can I see my events in Dial?

A: You can add your Google Account by following steps shown here. Once your Google calendar is added to Apple calendar, you can see its events in Dial.

Q: I use Google Agenda, how can I see my finished tasks?

A: To add the Dial iCloud Calendar in Google Agenda

  1. Select “Dial” in Apple Calendar, right-click then choose “Share Calendar”.
  2. Tick “Public Calendar” then click "Done".
  3. Now an icon will appear right to the calendar. Click on it to obtain the URL.
  4. In Google Agenda, go to preferences, import calendar, and finally, import by URL.

Q: I use a task manager (Asana, Trello, Wunderlist…), how can I see my tasks in Dial?

In general, you can export calendars from these services to Apple Calendar, and then you can see today’s tasks in Dial.

Steps for Asana.

Steps for Trello.

Stesp for Team Calendars.

Q: Can I have stats about time spent on tasks, number of tasks done, etc. ?

A: Work in progress! 😆